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PVB Laminated Glass—first choice of green building materials
Send date: 2012-03-04 16:42
Due to the extremely strong physical performance, such as tensile strength and elongation of the special middle membrane, it is a major challenge to cut into the PVB laminated glass from one side. Moreover, even if a thief hits the glass with the hammer, PVB laminated glass can still remain intact as the middle membrane glass has firmly adhere to the whole. In addition, PVB laminated glass possesses of excellent impact resistance against hammer, firebreak axe and etc. Thus, it provides security guarantees for defense against thieves breaking in through windows.
According to experts, there will be a gradual increasing of PVB laminated glass products in domestic market. This kind of laminated glass takes good effect on energy saving and environmental protection. As the middle membrane will take in most of the heat when direct sunlight cross the colorless laminated glass, seldom heat will reach the room and maintain a certain indoor temperature as well as save air-conditioning energy. Further more, the color middle membrane is able to isolate 99% of UV Rays and prevent the textile from color-faded to a certain extent. PVB laminated glass has been an excellent selection of “green building materials”.