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Tempered Glass Tableware Easily Break for Difference in Temperature
Send date: 2012-03-04 16:42
Glass materials have different classification, improper use is unsafe and may suddenly burst.
Experts introduce that material determines the quality of glassware. Kitchen glassware can be divided into common glass, tempered glass and heat-resistant glass for different materials. Common glass has a weakness of fragile. Tempered glass is often used in automobile glass, baths clapboard and phone booth. But it also has its inevitable weakness. When the temperature of surrounding circumstances suddenly changes, it may burst. Besides, domestic and foreign media made many reports about sudden burst of tempered glassware. It was reported that Japan has stopped production of tempered glass tableware.
The relevant principal of kitchen appliance Lock & Lock said: “ In order to make consumers use more safe, convenient and environmental tableware, we introduced a new series of heat-resistant glassware. This series of heat-resistant glass vessels contain boric acid resisting high temperature. Bearing great difference in temperature, it also is unscathed. The most obvious difference is tempered glass tableware may break for change of environmental temperature. But heat-resistant glass tableware can directly put into microwave after taking from refrigerating chamber. There is need to worry about glass may break for excessive temperature variation.”
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