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  • Tempered and heat-strengthened glass is made by heating ordinary glass to its softening point and then suddenly cooling down to form compression in the surface layer of the glass, thus the mechanical strength is increased by times.
    Features of Tempered Glass:
    Safety: Once breakage occurs, the glass disintegrates into small cubical fragments which are relatively harmless to human body.
    High strength: 5 times stronger than annealed glass.
    Excellent thermal stability: it withstands abrupt change of temperature.
    Features of Heat Strengthened Glass:
    Mechanical strength is 1.6-2 times of annealed glass.
    Outstanding thermal stability.
    Flatness is close to annealed glass and much better than tempered glass
    · Window and door
    · Facades and curtain walls
    · Automobile,train,vessel
    · Furniture and decoration
  • Thickness:3~19mm
    Max. size: 144″×355″, 98″×504″
     (3660×9000mm, 2500×12800mm)
  • GB 15763.2, Chinese standard.
    EN 12150.1, European standard.
    EN 12600, European standard.
    ANSI Z97.1, American standard.
    AS/NZS 2208, Australian standard.
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