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AG Glass
  • AG (antiglare glass), special coating process on single or double side of the optical float glass therefore to
    achieve the never drop antiglare coat. AG Glass contains lower reflectance rate comparing to the other no
    rmal glass, no matter single layer or double layer, the optical reflectivity decreased from 8% to below 1%
    to eliminate the “echo” interfere from the external light on the screen. It enhances the clarity and visibility,
    reduces the reflective of the screen, build a clearer, more natural and enjoyable image for the viewer.

    Smooth gloss, not reflective, strong tempered impact resistance, safe and high flatness.

    Electronic white board, touch screen, TV background wall, contains remarkable light transmittance as well
    as antiglare effects; Precision instrument screen, medical equipment screen, LED screen, electronic produc
    ts screen, airport and hotel indicator, indicate screen, Mc Donald and KFC order screen, which shows clea
    rly of the commodity name, no reflective would be appear. Mirror frame of the priceless scrolls of calligra
    phy and painting displayed in the high class gallery and art center. To protect the important cultural relics,
    precious like photo, calligraphy and painting, prized in the museum or archive, away from fading, in order
    to maintain long term storage.  
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