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Vacuum Glass
  • The vacuum glass is made according to the principle of vacuum flask,which is to airproof the circumference of two pieces of flat glass and keep the space between them as 0.1-0.2 with tiny props. Vacuumize the space to make the pressure reach 10-4Pa. In order to optimize the function, one of the two pieces is double silver off-line LOW-E glass, due to interior vacuum, the conduction and convection of gas nearly does not exist. LOW-E coating reflects almost more than 85% of the infrared back, the vacuum glass nearly interdicts the conduction,convection and eradiation, so its function in the aspect of heat preservation and heat insulation is superb! Aiming to reach the level of safe vacuum glass, the vacuum glass adopts compound of the tempered, IG,laminated glass and other deep processing techniques of glass.
    Transparent vacuum glass with self supporting points—adopts chemical reaction method,which makes the glass surface form even, transparent and highly consistent supporting points.they have the following advantages:
    1. Characters of the supporting points
     (1) The supporting points are parts of the glass, the heat exchange of which is lower than the metal. Besides,it could lower the U value.
     (2)The height of the supporting points is the same and they spread evenly, so there is no stress change.
     (3)It could save points spread by manual work, so it is suitable for industrialized production of large quantity.
    2. Characters of edge seal
    Edge seal with low temperature lead free materials,which has long lifespan and is environment-friendly.
    3. Characters of the getter
     (1)Put getter in the froove of new type 
     (2)Lift the vacuum degree and prolong the lifespan of the vacuum glass.
    4. Characters of the appearance
    (1)High transparency, more beautiful and elegant
    (2)It can be made into arc shape.
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