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Pattern glass
  • Patterned glass is a kind of flat glass, manufactured by rolling method, also called Figured glass.
    Features of Patterned Glass
    Patterned glass with embossed features to protect privacy, and has a certain decorative effect.
  • Thickness: 3~12mm
    Color: Clear, Ultra Clear, Blue, Green, Bronze, Grey, Amber, etc.
    Max. size: 79″×118″(2000×3000mm)
    Normal size: 1220×1830mm, 1500×2000mm, 1524×2134mm, 1830×2134mm,1524×2440mm, 1830×2440mm
    General Design: Flora, Wanji, Crystal, Neon, Hishicross, Aqualite, Diamond, Chinchilla, Karatachi, Kasumi, Millennium, Mistlite, Nashiji, Rain, etc.
  • JCT511 Chinese standard.
    EN 572.5 European standard.
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