AR Glass


AR Coated Glass, also called anti-reflection glass, manufacturing processing on single or double

side of the high quality glass to obtain a lower reflectance rate comparing to a normal glass, and reduce the reflection of the sun to less than 1%.

Applications: widely used in the solar battery component, light and heat, architecture, vehicle glass and other fields.

Features: Coating the surface on the normal tempered glass, thus enhancing its light   transmittance and easy to clean. In the mean time, it extended the usage life of the glass.

1) Average reflectance rate is lower than 4%, the lowest value is less than 0.5%. Effectively reduce the screen turns white caused by the strong light from the back to obtain a more enjoyable vision image.

2) The highest visible light transmittance value is 99%, average visible light transmittance value is 95%, obviously increased the original brightness of LCD and PDP to reduce the energy cost. More colorful, stronger contrast between image and color makes it clearer.

3) Best corrosion and scratch resistant, it is the same strength between AR glass coating and glass, larger than 7H, (Normally, the strength of pc board is from 2H to 3H), suitable to wash with any detergent. Acid proof, alkali resistant.

4) Anti-UV, protect eyes. Sharply reduced the UV transmittance of the spectrum region, effectively block the damage from the UV to the eyes. Maintain the visual angle. Visual angle turns narrower once normal acrylic is installed, however, AR glass creates a same angle as its origin.

5) Heat-resistant, AR glass is able to withstand high temperatures, >500 degrees ( normal acrylic stands at 80 degrees). Cold and hot deformation could be almost negligible on AR glass, suitable for different environments; Moreover, AR glass comes with the azure stone vision, more attractive on appearance.

6) Strong impact resistance, with a thickness of 3mm provides a same impact resistance of a 6mm acrylic. The surface flatness of an AR glass is much better than a coated acrylic. The larger the size, the clearer the difference.

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