AR Coated Solar Tempered Pattern Glass


Solar glass is a specially developed glass for solar cell. It is made of unique formulation and high quality material with iron content less than 120PPM. By adopting international first-rate production technology and equipment, it has special suede and flower pattern design. This product has the characteristics of high luminousness, high stability, waterproof and high safety factor, etc. Our product has become the first selected product of solar cells, solar water heater assembly.

Anti-reflective Coating Photovoltaic Solar Glass

Though adding AR film coated on the Solar glass, we can get higher Light transmittance and Lower light reflectance. Solar coated glass in the solar ultra clear glass plating anti reflective film and then processed by the strengthening of the products. It can effectively reduce solar reflectance, thereby improving through the solar ratio, ultimately improve solar generating capacity.


· Monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar cells

· Solar water heater

JC/T 2001, Chinese standard.

EN 572.5, European standard.

EN 12150.1, European standard.


Thickness: 3.2-12mm (3.2mm&4mm)

Max.size: 2250×3500mm (annealed)

1830×2600 mm(tempered)

Pattern: matt/patterned, matt/matt, low iron float glass

Solar energy transmittance : ( 3.2mm polished samples ISO9050/2003)

≥91.7%, without AR coating

≥94.7%, with AR coating

Iron content: ≤120ppm(Fe2O3)


JC/T 2001, Chinese standard.

EN 572.5, European standard.

EN 12150.1, European standard.

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